Today I want to talk to you about the Topia app and share an interview I did for the “Your path to FI” podcast.


I prefer eating at Nando’s while some people like cooking themselves. Some people love baking, I like going to the bakery and buying baked goods. We all have certain things we want to do ourselves and other things where we want a solution or a ready product.

I love Excel, you already know that. The ability to create a customised model is something I can’t get anywhere else. However, not everyone is like me. That’s where the Topia app* comes in. If you’re not an Excel nerd like me but you still want to track your FI journey, the Topia app could be the right thing for you.

Topia Excel

I told about Topia in our October 2022 results.

Topia links to your accounts (if you want it to) and makes tracking your expenses easy, simple, and (my favourite word) automatic.

“OK, Lazy FI Dad, you’re starting to sound like a commercial. How are you recommending something you just admitted you probably won’t use?”

Well, that’s an easy question (which is why I asked it). I can easily recommend it because I know the person who’s behind the numbers in Topia. It’s me! haha.

I helped create the financial model behind it. I helped because I understand that not everyone wants an Excel spreadsheet with a double-digit number of tabs. Who wouldn’t want that?! right?. By the way, this 100% means that if you find any mistakes in the numbers- I’m the person you should blame 🙂

Anyway, if you want to check the out the app, here is my affiliate link:

Link for signing up to Topia

If you want to read about Topia, check out the website:

Topia – Financial Independence (

Lazy FI Dad goes on the “Your path to FI” podcast

I’m a little hesitanat to share this interview with you. I’m hesitant because I think I talked too fast and jumped from topic to topic a bit too quickly. However, you might find it interesting (no need to use the 1.5 speed this time). I talked to the the hosts of “Your path to FI”. They also happen to be the same people behind Topia. That’s why I’m only telling you about the app now.

Anyway, we talked a bit about FI and my journey and a lot about my side hustle teaching Excel.

To listen to the interview on Spotify, click this link:

Lazy FI Dad on the “Your path to FI” podcast


This is an affiliate link. I’m not hiding the fact that I get for anyone who links an account with Topia. As I said, I am literally the person behind the numbers so I can wholeheartedly recommend it. In case you’re wondering- it’s completely free.