Hi everyone, I’m Lazy FI Dad. I’m a (lazy) dad that’s interested in (or “obsessed about”, depends who you ask) personal finance.

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it. ” a quote commonly assigned to Bill Gates.

In my opinion, laziness is one of the most underrated qualities out there and has a pretty bad (unjustified) reputation.
No, I’m not talking about sitting all day in front of the TV watching the same channel because the remote is too far to reach. I’m talking about the laziness which makes you hate inefficiency and makes you want to automate things in order to reduce effort and human error in the future.
There is no reason to work hard when it’s not necessary.
This makes me a huge fan of simple, easy, low effort, and efficient solutions like standing orders for automating savings and paying our bills, low fee index tracker funds and automating processes in my job.

Lazy FI Mum (my wife) is my partner in this journey to FI (Financial Independence), parenthood, and life. We have a beautiful daughter that changed our life completely, for the better* of course.

Lazy FI Mum and I both believe in the value of reaching FI but we have very different approaches:
1. I’m a numbers person (hence this is a numbered list), she is more of a words/people person.
2. I want to retire early**, she wants to work as long as possible***.

This blog started in 2021 as I was looking for FI content online that is targeted at parent, preferably for people with more than 1 child and maybe even UK specific. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find something that fit my needs so I thought I’d create it myself.

My goal is for this blog to be a one-stop-shop for parents pursuing financial independence. This means I need to include everything parents need- general personal finance content, content specific for parents, and even location specific content (this will probably be UK and Israel).

*These lines are being written while she is not even 1 year old, when she becomes a teenager I need to remember to revisit this statement.

**Currently (2021) aimed for age 40-45, hopefully closer to 40.

*** She loves her job and wakes up every morning with a smile. I wish for her that this will stay the same forever and if it will- I fully support the idea of working until traditional retirement age. However, things change and if they do- I want both of us to have options.