The FIUK podcast

This week the format will be a bit different, instead of reading- let’s try audio. I was asked to be a guest on the FIUK podcast in the comments section of the post about the ISA fees and I said yes. A couple of months later, here’s the result:
Parenting and FI with LazyFiDad –

Perfect lazy hour- lay down, put on your earphones/headphones and enjoy.

Listen to Lazy FI Dad on the FIUK podcast

In addition, I listened to the rest of the FIUK podcast episodes and I really enjoyed them. I especially liked this one about motivation:
Motivation and Discipline For FI –

Camp Mustache

Camp Mustache took place this week (online this year). For those of you who’ve never heard of it, it’s an annual event for Mustachians (people who follow and share the philosophy of Mr. Money Mustache).

One of the guests was JL Collins, the author of “The simple path to wealth”, which is my all-time favourite personal finance book. He started his blog by writing letters to his daughter about money, so when it came to Q&A I asked him “How did your FIRE journey affect your relationship with your daughter?”.

His answer (I took notes straight after so might not be his exact words):

“It didn’t really affect it, we have a great relationship. We used to breakfast/lunch together every once in a while (no specific pattern) and surprisingly, at 4 years old, she did not want to go over the Wall Street Journal. She also said to me a while ago ‘You know dad, if I listened to you from the start, there would be no blog or book’ “.

In case you were wondering, the event was based in the US so it started (!!!) at midnight UK time and 2am Israel time, which is where I was at the time. I am still I’m happy I woke up for it as it’s always great to hear JL Collins speak.

The Rebel Finance School

One more thing before I let you go:
Alan Donegan (who previously ran the PopUp Business School) and his wife Katie started The Rebel Finance School.
It is a free (yes, free) 10-week course about personal finance. It starts this Monday (26/04) and will run every Monday at 20:00, so hopefully after the kids are asleep. I’ll be there, will you?

Link for details (and signup):`
Rebel Finance School – ALANDONEGAN.COM

Anyway, I’ll keep it short and wish you all a great weekend.

If you have any questions about anything that we discussed on the podcast- let me know in the comments section.