Hi Lazy FI readers, it’s been a while.
I’m hoping to be posting regularly again pretty soon. I have to do some catching-up on my monthly reports (the last one was August 2023!) and a few other posts.

In the meantime, I was a guest on 2 podcasts, which you can listen to.

“Nursing Your Way to Wealth” podcast

The latest one, published this week, is my guest appearance on the “Nursing Your Way to Wealth” podcast.
You can find the link here:

We discussed the topic of “enough”, following my Satisficing vs Maximising and having “enough” post.

“The Art of Money & Communication” podcast

The other podcast I went on is “The Art of Money & Communication” podcast. This was recorded back in November and was more of a general chat. The editing was pretty interesting here as it spread over 3 episodes and each episode jumps back and forth between the chat with me and similar chats with other guests. I’ve never seen (heard?) this done before so found it very interesting to listen to.

Anyway, the links are:

Part 1:
1. The Ultimate Guide To UK Financial Independence Retire Early (F.I.R.E For Beginners, ISA’s or Pensions, Lifestyle Inflation) #151 (buzzsprout.com)

Part 2:
2. The Ultimate Guide To UK Financial Independence (Starting A Family, UK Childcare Costs, & DINK Life) #152 (buzzsprout.com)

Part 3:
3. The Ultimate Guide To UK Financial Independence (10 Year Plan, Hitting Your F.I Number, Retiring Early) #153 (buzzsprout.com)


I put these links but know that each of you has a different preferred app for listening to podcasts.
Sadly, Google discontinued my favourite one- Google Podcasts. It was simple and user-friendly.
Feel free to share your podcast app recommendations with me. I’m looking for something suitable for someone who enjoys podcasts, uses Android, and hates Spotify (yes, I’m aware the first link in this post is to Spotify).

Of course, also feel free to let me know what you thought about the podcasts 🙂